Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Line tracking truck

A line tracker is a robot that moves along a flat surface following a line printed on that surface.  The line is supposed to present a contrast against the environment and will serve as a path that the robot will follow.  The line can be white against a dark floor or it can be black against a light colored floor. For bare engineering, we will use the blue truck featured earlier and turn it into a line tracking robot truck.

First things first.  We need to take it apart and then throw away all the electronics inside that we will not need anymore.  We have to replace it with a new brain and new nerves to drive its old muscles.  For the brain, we will employ the Arduino Uno.  For the line sensing part, we will use 4 short range IR sensors.  All the 4 sensors will be mounted across the truck front and they will be pointing downwards to read optical reflections from the surface.  The truck will look for differences in readings between the 4 sensors and decide whether to move forward, go straight, turn left or right or stop.  Development photos coming soon.  Watch out for the updates...

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