Monday, December 9, 2013

Microcontrollers are for kids too

Microcontrollers are little electronic boards that can be programmed to a variety of functions. These are abounding everywhere around us today. Almost everything electronic we have now are driven by some form of logic and controls. From radios, phones, cameras, cars, alarm systems, aircraft, etc, etc. But kids can have their share of the fun too. So I bought a non-functional RC toy truck from a second hand store in order to transform it into something that functions again. This costs me almost nothing as this was sold in an "as is" basis. As this is a "kid friendly" project, my idea is that the kids will be able to relate to microcontrollers without the "burdens" of development work. In fact, they will end up playing, and hopefully have much fun along the way.

So what are the projects in store for us?
1. Line tracking truck
2. Light sensing truck
3. Open space seeking truck

So kids and young at heart, track this truck project along as they will have updates soon!

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